Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012)

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Wonderful Cinema

What a wonderful, beautiful, enchanting and original film this is.

It is also dramatic, sad and frightening.

Beasts of the Southern Wild is a huge surprise. It is so different from anything I have seen before. The film is set in a southern Louisiana bayou community, external to the rest of American civilisation. The actors are all non-professional local residents. The rawness of the acting and locations gives authenticity to a very strong script.

You will be awe-struck by little Quvenzhané Wallis, the star of the film, who was only six years old during production. Her acting range is stunning. The man who plays her father, Dwight Henry, is also superb.

Here is a film where you really do care what happens to the characters.

Absolutely magnificent!


You may need subtitles for the first few minutes of the film until you get used to the strong Terrebonne Parish (Louisiana) accents.


You can…

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Katedra – The Cathedral by Tomasz Baginski

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This very short 7 minute animation caused a massive stir for me. I am; as everyone knows; obsessed with Cathedrals, espeically those painted by Beksinski, the Bone Churches (that’s my name for them, sadly all of them were untitled). After finding this movie by accident I could instantly see a connection to Beksinski’s work.

The short movie is from a Novel by a Polish author, I’ve never been able to find a copy translated into English so I can’t tell you more about that but I think the movie is possibly the beginning. It seems that after a pilgrimage to the Cathedral a lonesome man finds some kind of

  • “Katedra /The Cathedral”. Director and artwork: Tomasz Bagiński. Written by Tomasz Bagiński, Jacek Dukaj. Score by Adam Rosiak. Sound manager: Bartłomiej Woźniak. Produced by Jarek Sawko, Piotr Sikora. Voices: Jola Rzebuska, Maria Kucharska, Marcin Jaskowski, Piotr Widlarz. Produced by Platige Image, 2002, colour, 7 min.


  • Academy Award nomination in the short animated film category
  • Best Animated Short at the Computer Animation Festival in San Antonio – Siggraph 2002
  • Main Prize at Animago 2002
  • Best Short Digital at Bradford Film Festival, 2002
  • Best of the Show at Festival Artfutura in Barcelona, 2002
  • Srebrny Lajkonik at the Cracow Film Festival, 2003.

I have a feeling that there is a much longer version of this I’ve seen a few DVD’s on amazon going for about £50 or so, I’m sure this isn’t a 7 minute animation… and I’m yet to find a copy of the book translated into English 😦


Suppurate Systems

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Majestic GothicThere is something tremendously sinister and religious about the look and feel of this accessory shop. It’s not the typical Visual Kei shop but it does have a lot of collaboration work with Visual Kei bands. The Designer(s) use a lot of references to the early parts of the bible, Catholicism and vampirism in their works which range from rosaries, rose eye patches, apple (with nails) rings, blood vials, flaming hearts and so much more. If your lucky enough to read enough Japanese to buy something, then treasure it as a lot of the pieces are limited and none of them exactly the same.


Viona Art

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Viona ArtI’ve been a dedicated fan of this site for years now, Viona has to be one of the most influential characters in the European Gothic scene at the moment, even getting a few mentions on the Wiki lately. The young lass is a talented photographer and dress maker, she has single handily created her own niche in and around the romantic/historic goth lifestyle, arranging such events as Gala Nocturna and the Victorian Picnic usually held around WGT. The site boasts a wonderful range of artistic and dark photography with a host of models and everyday dedicated Goths.

Craft Coffins

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From the Coffin LadyEver wanted a coffin to store something special in? Ever wanted to put something into a coffin? Well get a coffin here. From the coffin lady herself. Have I said coffin enough yet? Well that is all this site is about, cute self-folding coffins for you to go DIY crazy with! I love the old school Hallowe’en feel of this site and the coffins seem affordable and pretty easy to use.

Goblin and Crumb

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Goblin and CrumbThis little shop is primarily a source of masks, accessories and art dolls. The accessories and masks are largely made out of leather and most of the items look like thorny roses with spines, intrigued? Yes so am I! The rest of the site carries on the grosteque parade of dead dolls, broken bunnies and devilish masks. Even though the shop is superb and full of great care tips Goblin and Crumb are currently going through some changes and using their Etsy shop for orders at the time of this posting.


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Plastichaar - Extraordinary hair extensionsThis hair empire has been built up along side its sister company “Ukiyo5 – accessories” by the very talented Sara Hochuli (and friends). As you would imagine Sara is very talented in design and has a tremendous fascination in Japanese art, as this is reflected in all of her hairy work. This main page of this site involves all of the brainwork behind the hair extension empire, a great insight into the actual shop and people who work there. The online hair shop is totally full of unique hair extensions, including fringes, half wigs, clip in sets, dreads, weft, wigs and much much more.


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Some argue about the reasoning behind Tsubasa’s art. Does he worship or hate women’s feet? For me it’s plain to see the devotion he has with the space between the heel and the ground. His galleries are split between the titles of heels, anatomy, portraits and travels, the artwork usually involves the feminine form, bondage, spikes, tiny waists and of course heels. Look out for Breed and Binarotica in the merchandise sections detailing 10 years of artwork.

Devil and Mouse

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Devil and MouseA beautifully dark website full of morbidly cute pendants and accessories, the basic range entail some beautifully and delicate handmade coffin pendants. The range has grown to include Rosaries, Heart pendants, cute skeleton bears and more. I’m personally in love with the beaded necklaces with pictures of Ocsar Wilde! The attention to detail of the items is astounding, its all unique so get something especially for you.

Resurrection Records

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Resurrection RecordsThis has to be the UK’s premier alternative music shop and is one of the few Goth shops run by people who still give a schit about the scene. Lets face it the Criminal Damages Camden Shop is probably owned by someone who listens to Phil Collins.. The online service is awesome but going into the Goth Music Mecca is a great experience, the staff know the scene well, they can advise you about other bands, gigs and more, they will even play a couple of tracks for your pleasure before you buy. If you manage to get to Camden then do visit and buy something, it might be cheaper on Amazon but they haven’t done anything for the Alternative scene, do your best to support it, or don’t complain when it’s gone.