Down the Rabbit Hole

Welcome to my art Journey

After years of slowly ignoring my needs to create art and instead spending too many hours in galleries looking and not acting. I finally got back to the drawing board in 2016 in a vein attempt to pick up here I left off many years ago.. sadly the ring rust had settled in, the muscle memory was gone and I was a new born artist again.

I feel I’m a quick learner but as with everything creative there are up and downs and I hope to use this blog to share what I’m learning as I attempt to progress my artistic skills.. wish me luck I know I’ll need it as I attempt to become professional.

I hope at some point someone can look back over this journey, (albeit starting 4 years too late), and be able to see the progression, trials and tribulations and if it helps one person achieve the goal then I’ve done something to help.

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