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Some argue about the reasoning behind Tsubasa’s art. Does he worship or hate women’s feet? For me it’s plain to see the devotion he has with the space between the heel and the ground. His galleries are split between the titles of heels, anatomy, portraits and travels, the artwork usually involves the feminine form, bondage, spikes, tiny waists and of course heels. Look out for Breed and Binarotica in the merchandise sections detailing 10 years of artwork.


Devil and Mouse

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Devil and MouseA beautifully dark website full of morbidly cute pendants and accessories, the basic range entail some beautifully and delicate handmade coffin pendants. The range has grown to include Rosaries, Heart pendants, cute skeleton bears and more. I’m personally in love with the beaded necklaces with pictures of Ocsar Wilde! The attention to detail of the items is astounding, its all unique so get something especially for you.


Resurrection Records

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Resurrection RecordsThis has to be the UK’s premier alternative music shop and is one of the few Goth shops run by people who still give a schit about the scene. Lets face it the Criminal Damages Camden Shop is probably owned by someone who listens to Phil Collins.. The online service is awesome but going into the Goth Music Mecca is a great experience, the staff know the scene well, they can advise you about other bands, gigs and more, they will even play a couple of tracks for your pleasure before you buy. If you manage to get to Camden then do visit and buy something, it might be cheaper on Amazon but they haven’t done anything for the Alternative scene, do your best to support it, or don’t complain when it’s gone.


Fetish Auctioneer

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Fetish AuctionsA basic but essential auction site for those who have real/ bizarre fetishes. A lot of the items are handmade, or available to be customised by people who really understand their fetish accessories. There is so super shiny fake fun here, its all down to the real business.


Jochen Kronier

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Jochen KronierEvery now and again someone takes the heel to new heights. Jochen Kronier has an amazing ability to not only look glamorous all the time but brings together a unique blend of “drag-sci fi”. There are some Tsubasa style shoes, super pop art plastic hair, and full on outrageous costumes. The shoes seem to be fully functioning, or  Kronier is the devil?? Due to the bizarre style of Kroniers trademark heel he has been invited to make some costume “pan” footwear.. which look  amazing, much better than some  of the pony shoes I’ve seen before.


Looking sexy http://www.kronier.com

Snarl Hair

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Snarl Hair - Retro GoodnessCeri’s talents both in the hair world and performing have been astounding us-or at least me, for many years. Her hair industry comprises of ALL types of hair modification dread extensions, falls, fringes, accessories, full head loose extensions styling and wigs and more. The site is full operationL you can order extensions or make contact to book appointments and don’t leave without checking out the “creative” section for some sexy neo-retro photo shoots. Least to say Snarl Hair is still at the forefront of the modern UK hair extension world.


Too fast

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To Fast  Punk ClothingA bright and quirky emo/teen/scene orientated shop! Don’t get me wrong the kids need somewhere to shop and there are some items to us elder Goth who still wear black but a majority of the wears are more suited for the modern gore queen. As well as producing their own brand of clothing they also stock such labels as Collectif, Hell Bunny, Hairy Scary, Kustom Voodoo, Living Dead Souls and more. This site does have a really cute blog with some well thought through costume ideas.