Scoundrelles Keep

Scoundrelles KeepA delightful custom corset and apparel Shoppe run by the talented Heather Luca. Everything about this shop is exceedingly olde and steam orientated but the fun doesn’t stop there, if your looking for something classic or historical then you’ll find it here. There’s lots of leather(y) brass buckled corsets, bustle skirts and bloomers in a variety of materials and fabrics, I especially like Heathers eye in terms of mixing fine prints and plain colours to really emphasise a curvy figure. Most of the items are identified with female names  (like kiki which is my nickname and a beautiful off the shoulder blouse) but there is the possibility of items being made for men and this can be done either over the net or in person, as appointments are available. A lot of love and work has gone into this site and the clothes and I hope to see more from this lady soon, possibly a item in my wardrobe too!

~ by Kisha on August 23, 2010.

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