Blaspheminas Closet

This is such a cute custom made alternative clothing shop run by the very talented Samantha Rei. The main theme of this shop has a steam-punk-lolita flavour. We have lots of high wasited frilly skirts, bloomers, and detailed dresses here and a small collection of menswear with some agreeably cut asymmetrical waistcoats. After only a couple of minutes of viewing of this site you can easily see that Samantha Rei has a very stylised eye and honest words, there is a lot of advice and information sharing on the site. It’s always nice to know a little about the creator from their site. I’d easily take her advice and  “Choose your colors and size And let me go!”  as I know she would come up with an awesome outfit for me or any body.

~ by Kisha on August 22, 2010.

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