I feel a bit guilty putting this shop in any Goth section at all, as Vecona has moved from the old Gruftie look into something a great deal more Haute Couture. The themes of true opulence and High fashion have really boosted this shop into something more vintage and nostalgic. Everything is 100% handmade to custom specification; you name your size, fabric and colour choices and keep your originality! (Something which is missing with the rise of the “Gothbrand” these days… ) All items are fitted flawlessly; colours and textures match and blend impeccably. These features make Vecona totally unique and not like other shops. Along with all of the beauty that is Vecona I would also like to add the quirky details that we so still see from time to time, the odd eyeball or doll part added out of the blue, the Tim Burtonesque stripes and tattered tresses along side Elizabethan ruffs and crinolines make for a unique look. Not surprisingly Vecona has had the pleasure of working with some of the alternative/underground greats such as the Goddess Anna Varney, Frank the Baptist, Emilie Autumn and more.

Quote from the Vecona Livejournal

VECONA makes clothes and costumes for pirates, gouvernesses, divas, dandies, princesses, bats and other mythical creatures. The styles offered range from historically-inspired gowns and rotten pirate shreds to business like dandy suits with spats and modern death rock style or vintage 40ies dresses and corsets.”

Website :

And possibly


~ by Kisha on August 3, 2010.

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