Femme Metale

Femme Metale - websiteA dazzling and friendly high-end real silver jewellery shop! It’s always a pleasure to see a “run by women for women” business. All items are made to very high standards and in a very good grade silver. A majority of the wares are themed for the Rockabilly, Gothic and Asian styles. You might need to sell some of your Goth points to afford some of the pieces but you can be sure of owning something truly distinctive. Also check out the “Fine Jewellery” section for some really luxurious bling, and the “Adornment” section for one of items that you won’t see anywhere else in the shop

Site : http://shop.femmemetale.com

My favourite items include most of the rings (as I’m big on rings), the butterfly and gothic designs with stones are exceptional. I’m also in love with this necklace, I think it sums up a lotta women I know. Lets face it we’re all proud winos by the end of the week

femme metale - wino necklace

~ by Kisha on August 2, 2010.

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