Written and directed by Clive Barker

Released: 1990

Based on the novel by Clive Barker, Nightbreed tells the story of Boon. A man who feels he doesn’t fit into this world.

The film starts off in fairly standard manner with a family being killed in their own home by a masked intruder. It then cuts to Boon in a session with his psychiatrist describing his dreams of living underground, dead but still functioning.

After being involved in an accident Boon is taken to hospital where he meets a man talking of Midian and coerces the location of it from him. After escaping Boon makes his way to Midian, but discovers only a large civil war cemetery. Here he receives a bite from a disfigured man and makes his escape. On leaving the cemetery he is confronted by the police and shot dead.

This is where the film starts to change and take on the more familiar feel of Barker’s other works.

Boon awakens in a morgue confused and disoriented, with a burning desire to return to Midian.

On returning to Midian Boon comes face to face with the Breed. A rag-tag bunch of hideous monsters living below the graveyard. “The Tribes of the Moon” as they refer to themselves. Ancient breeds of shape shifter’s and various other creatures from myths and the mind of Clive Barker.

At this point the film starts to show the true vision that Barker was trying to create.

This is not a standard horror movie filled evil monsters. It is a dark and poignant social commentary, which unfortunately is as relevant today as when first written. The underlying message being, that which we do not understand we must fear and destroy. A very sad reflection on the human condition.

The film climaxes with the inevitable battle of man vs. beast and leaves you to reflect on the consequences of intolerance and perverted religion.

A truly enjoyable viewing experience, that may on occasion take you to a dark place within yourself. Littered with beautiful imagery throughout, from the simple photography of the cemetery and the skull encrusted walls of the catacombs to the highly detailed and visually stunning breed themselves. A very strong story, both written and directed well. although in places the pace may feel slow but this helps to extenuate the faster pace towards the end of the film.

Who are the real monsters you decide.


~ by shadowlord187 on August 1, 2010.

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