Primark Summer Collection 2010

Primark Summer Collection

Primarni isn’t a name usually attached the Couture, High Fashion, and the Alternative Scene at all. In recent years they have changed their image and redeemed themselves. We all admit to getting a few items from Primarni and after opening their Oxford Street shop.. who will spend more than £1.50 on a t-shirt unless they have to!

Ignoring the stigma attached to Primark here is a modest example of their Limited Edition Summer Collection 2010, which is in a similar vein as Miss Selfidge, Warehouse and even (dare I type it) Christian Dior!. Floaty summer floral prints, black lacy evening chic, layers and fashioned waists, and without even looking all this at a fraction of the price. The only drawback is that this collections will only be available in bigger towns and cities. When will they get a suitable online shop!?

Primark's Summer 2010 Collection

There's more to Primani than you think


~ by Kisha on July 31, 2010.

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