Alexander McQueen Alien Shoes

These shoes speak for themselves really. I have loved them from the first moment I laid eyes on them.. I don’t know if I’ll ever get a pair for my collection but I’m a pretty optimistic Goth, I believe that one day I’ll have a shiny purple and black pair to at least stand in my shoe cupboard.

Obviously a lot of us are still missing McQueen.. I want to write a lot more about him but for now I’m starting with these gems of his footwear collection.

A lot of the time we see unique shoes, but at the end of the day they are still shoes.. these shoes are alien in more than one way. The colours and textures alone are quite exclusive for shoes. The entire shape and the way in which the foot fits into the shoe is dreamlike, I want to get my hands on a pair to see inside, it’s total guesswork trying to place where the toes will be?? Everything about these shoes is curved.. technically they shouldn’t work! but they do *wow*

Alien Shoe Collection

Alexander McQueen Alien Shoes

The principal thing for me is the fact that I’ve seen no reports of people calling over in these shoes! Modles trip over in heels all the time. But they all seems pretty stable in these!? I can see that Daphne Guinness does a good job in hers! And might I add that she looks amazing in the metal corset there too.. she does love her armour.

Well the shoes are so influential they have their own facebook page

Face book page

But not popular enough for Demonia to make a copy them… yet.

If anyone has a pair they would like to donate to my shoe collection mail me (there is no harm in asking.. lol)

A few of these pictures will also shoe the Alien (movie) inspired shoe as well, which looks like a Giger collaboration.. I seriously doubt that the artist had any input into the shoes but I’d adore some of those in an inkspill metallic.. (the shoes in the middle)

~ by Kisha on July 31, 2010.

4 Responses to “Alexander McQueen Alien Shoes”

  1. lady gaga wore a pair on an airplane flight. the crew had to help her remove them because she was showing signs of deep vein thrombosis. She wore both styles in the bad romance video.

    • I’d imagine they are pretty high in the heel then, I know the woman who was in the UK news lately for something similar was wearing 5″ heels at the time, really it’s silly travelling in hells full stop!

  2. they are actually 12 inches tall! I would fall over pretty quick they’d definitely take a couple days practice and knee pads. and probably an ankle brace.

    • I had a pair of 12″ high boots but they were flats and not very err.. everyday wear! LOL I think a crash helmet might also help with heel training sometimes! lol

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