The Black Mirror Pt 1

I didn’t realise what taboo surrounded black mirrors!? Evidently being an alternative girl I don’t really identify with popular culture, nor do I want to! But I have always been interested in Black Mirrors, the reason is obvious they are black and they are associated with magic. Being a Goth and a Witch it’s plain to see why they are one of my beloved things!

It took me a while to buy a black mirror, I was still in my teens and living at home, my mother having spent her childhood with a more than magical grandmother had been exposed to the myths of black mirrors for years, luckily my mother is an intelligent woman and can see the common sense in West Indian/Voodoo/Hoodoo myths. She didn’t fear the mirrors but she wasn’t a fan of the people who used them or what they were used for, (kudos to her). Still she didn’t WANT one in her house and I respected that. I still wanted one though. After buying a few books and introducing her to the wonderful and only Pagan shop in Ipswich I managed to encourage her I wasn’t going to go barmy after buying one and it would only be a small one..

So I got my Scrying mirror! Whoopee! Have I ever used it? Well a few times, any success.. well kinda. * sigh *

There has been a level of success with it, I like to use it as an alternative to a normal mirror when asked to during spells and rituals in fact it’s amazing how clear a black mirror is. I’m not sure what the traditional black mirror is believed to be made out of but a lot of newer ones are Obsidian.

For decoration purposes a black mirror would make an grand centre piece in virtually any room. A red dining room with black accessories and furniture would be accents really nicely with a black mirror, in the bedroom (possibly not your make up mirror) it would make an ideal feature near a four poster bed.

Sadly, due to the stigma attached to black mirrors there aren’t a lot of people making and selling them. There is a great book dedicated to making your own black/magical mirror, I did buy this when I was first told that one wouldn’t be allowed into the house BUT after looking through it I realised that I would need to be very proficient in woodwork.. and have tools.. and be able to use a saw without hurting myself. So I scraped that idea.

Still I love my mirror and when I track down some other nice black mirrors I plan to have more in my house.

~ by Kisha on July 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Black Mirror Pt 1”

  1. I wantwantwant! both the chaise and the mirror in that first picture! I don’t care if they match anything in my house, they’re gorgeous!

    Nice post, btw, I don’t understand the stigma surrounding the black mirror, either. It’s just a decoration for some, and for others, it’s a tool for self-discovery. What’s wrong with a little self-discovery? Pfaugh.

    • I love that chaise so much I would re decorate to have it!

      I agree with you.. I think a lot of people fear things unnecessarily and then their negative feelings take over.. I think they are harmless so for me they are harmless..

      .. and thank you for your comment your the first to comment on my blog


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