High Waisted Trousers Pt 1

I’m more of a trouser kinda girl than skirt girl. My all time favourite look for trousers is the high waisted and wide legged retro style.

Made popular by Marlene Dietrich and Katheryn Hepburn in the 1930’s I think the style will always last. With the more recent slurge of low waisted trousers and muffin tops I’ve been watching the waist line of my trousers get higher and higher! Heeled shoes look much better under the wide leg style of trousers. It gives it a more mysterious look and feel .

~ by Kisha on July 30, 2010.

2 Responses to “High Waisted Trousers Pt 1”

  1. where are those trouser pants , the first pic above, from ? brand?

  2. were and how much can i buy the sailor trousers cristina is wearing ????

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