Anna Sui Rock Me! Summer of Love

I don’t believe it! Anna Sui releases a fragrance and I didn’t know!?? I’ve been a terror to all the fragrance counters in town and beyond asking if there is anything new from Anna Sui and no one has bothered to inform me?!

Rock Me! Summer of Love is the easy, free-spirited fragrance I’ve always wanted to create! Everyone knows, I’m totally influenced by rock music. Of course there are very different types of rock — and I love them all! This scent is for the rocker girl who has a softer indie-folk side. […] Wear “Rock Me! Summer of Love” during the day…then switch to the original “Rock Me!” for a night out on the town…they both complement each other!

Sadly it seems that she’s using Agyness Deyn and I think we have all got over her.. next new face PLEASE, but i have to admit I’ve never seen a stare as blank as that before! anyway the notes of geranium, peach & freesia sound very appealing to me 😀 I will have to try and find this baby online to complete  my Sui bottle collection..

~ by Kisha on July 29, 2010.

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