Irregular choice lolita bags

Irregular Choice… you either love or loath them.. most people who loath them are too sensible! 😛

Trust Irregular Choice to make such cute bags! they all pretty much go with the shoes which we all have lurking around (and are possibly feeling guilty about). see below for my only pair to date 😦

The Lolita range of bags are all black and white and a mix of polka dots, stripes and hatch, kinda like my shoes.. which mean I have to buy the bag now 😦 The prints are odd but they do go well together, I can’t find much fault in them, I would say the price but I’m willing to sell my sister for this bag right now. It’s cute, kitcjy but would could wear it to posh frock event just to show your young at heart which I think is the key to Irregular choice’s success.

Still the bags are all so well made and will last more than one season, if your anything like me then that’s a good thing (I primarily wear black so it’s easy). So that’s gotta be good yeah?!

Webshop :


~ by Kisha on July 28, 2010.

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