Giorgio Armani-Acqua di Gioia

Finally a perfume which doesn’t smell of old lady!

The newest scent from Giorgio Armani is amazing!! I’ve been spraying (understatement.. showering) myself with it daily on the way to work and it’s so light and fruity it’s totally my summer scent, at least it will be when I’ve been paid.

It might sound a little gay but to me this does smell like all the good sweet bits of a disney rainforest scene, fruit, flora, and a sexy rainforest aqua kinda smell.. it’s fresh and beautiful. Get some!

This is what the site claims…

There is a charming sense of jubilation from the very first vegetal notes which are carried along in a deliciously heady current of crushed Mint, with a zest of Italian Limone Primo Fiore Femminelle, harvested from the first spring blossoms in Calabria.
This emotion transforms into an aquatic renaissance with a delicate and crystalline nature derived from the scent of Water Jasmine, giving the perfume sophisticated and unexpected facets.
At its base, ACQUA DI GIOIA bears the signature of water rooted in the Earth, revealed by luscious Cedar sprinkled with sensuous Brown Sugar and Labdanum, which is one the rare plants to possess animal notes.


~ by Kisha on July 28, 2010.

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