John Galliano Spring 2011 Mens

I’ve only just twigged this… and I’m feeling a bit behind the times! Still I can try to redeem myself.

For me this is the image which says it all, the mens colletion is bold, bright and tight. You’ll have to forgive me for still trying to get my head around the fact this is for summer next year.. and drooling over some really awesome fashion ideas….♥ I think we need more independent male fashion designers out there I should also be slapping my own wrists for not getting my male range suited and booted yet 😦

Bask to John Galliano This collection doesn’t just bring together the roaring 20’s/30’s spiffing male it also plays on the fragile almost feminine qualities the “man of the day” was liberated to display at the time, along with the grey on white pinstripe, cut jackets, loose trousers, there are buttonholes, veils and lots of flora.

I’m sure there will be more on the website

the man himself.. *sigh*


~ by Kisha on July 27, 2010.

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