The Black Bath – Part 1

We all dream of a Dark/Gothic House but usually we all just make do with what we have and style our houses as best we can. There is no harm in wanting the best and the ultimate in home wear. Today I’m obsessing over baths! After all we all spend a lot of time in our baths, but I dont think enough of us really appreciate just how important a clean, styled bathroom is to us. Most people will put a few tea lights around the tub to enhance a end of the week sensual relaxing cleanse, but before you chuck some rose petals in your barrel, why not think about your actual barrel…

First we have the Eden Bath – stocked in UK by Healey & Lord Ltd
This is a very deep black square set which has a heavy by floating theme to it. Mainly due to the sink, but overall it’s something that will give dark enhancement to any bathroom.You will see in a lot of these pictures there is a strong element of Japan. This isn’t surprising as the Japanese put a lot into their bathing.


Next we have another black ensemble this one is accented with lots of white accessories by Zucchetti.I love the size of this bathroom even if it does look a little “public” with the multiple sinks though, Still I’d be happy to wash my sins away and sing to the Cure in there.

This Marble Bathroom Suite from IQquadro – Amor and Memories in black marble, shows a sense of quality and luxury, even with the angled edges as opposed to the typical roundness that we are all accustomed to. Yet in this setting with the black marbled walls and accessories it looks not just classic but quite Roman.. maybe?

For those of you who dare to be different, the black bathtub by Mastella may be just what you want … This modern minimal design in black makes a fashion statement.I really do love this bath, it looks like a pebbel, it doesn’t look like your typical bath at all.. it’s so static and unlike a real bath. I think that’s part of all the charm.

For me Free-standing bath rubs are the ultimate. I honestly do believe that baths should have feet and follow you around ..  This one from Gruppo Tresse, with the filigree designs works so well! This one is available in plain black, with a design, even covered in Swarovski crystals..

This shows how essential it is to decoate a bathroom with a black bath.. you can’t simply drop one into a magnolia room and call it a day.. some careful thought really needs to be put into how the whole room looks… this next examples shows it all too well..

This room is SO dark and beautiful, again a Japanese feel to the room which makes it look very organised and clean. It’s totally beautiful in so many ways.. it looks cold too which enhances the darkness of the room. This; for me is deep!


~ by Kisha on July 25, 2010.

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